13/12/11- Contribution to ‘Gone by Xmas’- A fundraiser to help Jon Stephenson to get back to Afghanistan to continue incredible research as an investigative journalist

For more information click on painting or visit- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7I101NJE8QA

20/10/11- Greenpeace Fundraising Auction

The painting (pictured) raised $1000 toward building another Rainbow Warrior ship.

1/9/10- Catalogues for ‘In Hot Pursuit of a Tale’ Exhibition

Catalogue for 2010 ‘In Hot Pursuit of a Tale’ Show at Pierre Peeters Gallery in Parnell, Auckland. Selected stories that inspired certain paintings are included after the painting in catalogue. The aesthetic is based on old handmade cloth fables even though the history of some of the stories that have been inspiring this work; date right back in time to the oral tradition.

Intro about Anya Whitlock

Intuition by Anya Whitlock

Girl with the red shoes


Dark Dual and Light Dual by Anya Whiltock

Battle Scars

Anya Whitlock Exhibition History- 2010 and earlier

31/8/10- On the night of the ‘In Hot Pursuit of a Tale’ Exhibition. Pierre Peeters Gallery

18/8/10- Billboard downtown Auckland promoting Exhibition

19/8/10- Article in The Big Idea

Dunbar Sloane Group Show starts 2/9/10

Works in the show include ‘Girl with the Red Shoes’ and from the Bung Morange series- ‘Ribby’ ‘Dean’s Niece’ ‘Thian’ and ‘Beat Mouse’

For any inquiries into this show please contact the lovely Kate Casey on 021 707270

Sideroom Magazine Article- http://sideroom.com/magazine/2010/08/anya-whitlock-in-hot-pursuit-of-a-tale/ 11/8/10

Anya Whitlock: In Hot Pursuit of a Tale
31st August- 2nd October Preview 5:30pm August 31, Pierre Peeters Gallery, Parnell, Auckland

“I imagine I’m a hostage forced to paint naked ladies for the Bratva, the Russian mafia…” — Anya Whitlock

Following whiffs of nostalgia to rediscover what she was instinctually drawn to in childhood, Anya Whitlock’s first solo painting show sees her delve into childhood fairy tales, using hindsight and research to understand the various stages and psychological traps that a woman can become damaged and broken by.

“Fairytales are often cautionary tales and it is possible if attentive to avoid many booby traps and also deeply heal present hurts,” she explains.

Raised on the mean streets of Manurewa, Whitlock later studied Art Direction for Film under Tracey Collins at Elam. Her work in the film industry has seen her work across feature films, music videos and set dressing, set design and props for theatre, short films and advertising. Her company Arnoldini Ltd functions as an umbrella for various ventures – her Skateboard bag and fanzine gaining cult commercial success.

Her obsession with adventure and new sensations has taken her around the world, and given her tales to tell – from being shot at and tear gassed by the Israeli Army in a demonstration against the barrier wall in The West Bank, to being stoned by kids in Egypt. She’s been followed, chased, scammed by Cambodian mafia, threatened, harassed and stood on the street in the middle of the night with nowhere to sleep in strange cities… and that’s just the good stuff.

Since returning to New Zealand in early 2009, Whitlock has committed to painting full time, portraiture a resonant and haunting practice for her. She works from a leafy studio north of Auckland, where she creates her arresting large-scale paintings; their Utopian and seductive depiction of the female form underlined by something darker and slightly sinister.


Working on paintings for ‘In Hot Pursuit of a Tale’ Exhibition

Melbourne Group Show- 23/6/10

Threaded Magazine Article- 20/8/09

Skateboard Bag

The idea for the skateboard bag popped up after seeing shit loads of wannabe skaters wandering round town with skateboards under their arms; never having any intention of placing the board under their feet. I thought I’d turn the useless into utilitarian; beginning the intense process of designing and manufacturing my first product line for Arnoldini.

There were only ever 12 skateboards of each print ever made, each one accompanied by a numbered limited edition certificate. They were all handmade, hand printed and the designs were hand drawn by Arnoldini.

They have been stocked at Catalytic Attack- the Slam X Hype Boy’s Parnell Shop, 103 Gallery, Maw, MADE Store, Involved and Texas Radio. Although a bit rare and spesh, there may be a few floating around so feel free to contact Arnoldini directly if you want to get your paws on one (please also specify the design you want).

Nouveau, Birdgrid & Byzantine

Blood, Sweat and Arnoldini


When Arnoldini was little she was obsessed with the insides of the body and wanted to be a doctor. This however became a childhood memory through adolescence and as her interest in Arts grew. After a chance experience of being first on the scene of a fatal accident and the purposeful, methodical calm that came over her while dealing with the situation, her childhood desire to research and reconstruct people’s bodies was rekindled. Straight out of a BFA, the prospect of studying Medicine for 8 years was a little daunting so she chose to combine the two desires in the only way Arnoldini knew how. Arnoldini chose to make her insides in the fun and accessible medium of soft sculpture.

heart fetus
pancreas kidney

Selected articles I wrote for Pavement Magazine- 2006